Developer partner FAQ

What are the benefits of integrating with Gravity Payments?

  • Consultive, customized solutions that best fit your needs
  • Support from your own personal Integration Specialist via Phone, Email, and Slack
  • 24/7 Technical Support available for your merchants
  • Custom built merchant onboarding pages for your clients upon completing your integration
  • Doing business with a company that cares about Small Businesses, and gives back to its employees

Do you offer a white-label API for payments?

Our integration method, Custom Checkout Form, does hide all Gravity Payments branding from your users; however, our reporting tool, Dashboard, does display Gravity Payments branding and that cannot be hidden. 

What is the timeframe it takes to complete the integration?

Our solutions are customized to fit your integration needs, so we don’t have a set timeframe.  With the help of our Integration Specialists, our goal is to make sure your integration process is fast and seamless. To further ensure your success, please review our Integration Process, as well as our Partner Best Practices.

How do I get developer credentials and test hardware?

If you need developer credentials or test hardware, we first need to make sure you’ve spoken with one of our Solutions Architects at to ensure we’re providing you with the correct software/ hardware solution.

If you’ve already been assigned an Integration Specialists, but you haven’t received your developer credentials or test hardware, please reach out to them directly.

What kind of integration support do you offer?

When you start your integration process, you will immediately be assigned a dedicated Integration Specialist and given access to them via Slack, email, and phone. Additionally, during your integration, the Integration Specialist will mirror your Development team’s hours of availability- further ensuring that they will be available when you need them.

How long does it take to onboard a merchant?

Partner account approval can happen as quickly as 24 hours, especially if you follow our Best Practices. On average, merchant onboarding (complete with installed software and/or programmed hardware) can take 3-7 business days. 

Do you offer master and sub-merchant accounts?

Not currently, but we do plan to launch this early 2021.

Does your API keep me out of scope for PCI?

Yes, our hosted UI libraries keep anyone who implements them properly out of scope for PCI-DSS. All merchants need to attest to PCI, but as a software vendor, you would not.

What are my options for client onboarding?

We provide a variety of solutions for client onboarding:

  • hands-on manual onboarding
  • an entirely integrated hands-off iframe landing page
  • self-service API that allows for 100% customization of the onboarding flow and automation

As always, we are happy to discuss our solutions with you, please reach out to our Solutions Architects at, so we can find what is best for your business. 

What is an externalTransaction ID?

An externalTransactionID is a UUID (unique identifier) that you would pass to Gravity Payments within each processed transaction. This identifier can be used to historically reference transactions, so you will always want to save it.

What is an uniqueTransactionID?

A uniqueTransactionID is a UUID that Gravity Payments pass on to you, this is used to run subsequent tokenized transactions, such as, voiding a previously processed transaction.

What are your Tech Support SLAs?

Our Tech Support is available 24/7- they aim to pick up your phone call within 3 rings and answer emails, at the latest, within 1 business day. Please visit our Support page if you need to reach one of our representatives.