Best Practices

Business Best Practices

  • Ensure your integration is set up to pass the most relevant payment information:
    • Customer name
    • Full billing address and postal code
  • Review our FAQ on how you can best protect your merchants against disputes and fraud
  • Is card testing a concern for your merchants? Contact our Integration Specialists to learn about our custom Fraud Modules
  • Our solutions are designed to keep you out of PCI scope, feel free to review our FAQ on PCI Compliance to learn more

Integration Best Practices

  • Make sure you are reviewing and following ourĀ emergepay Integration Checklist
  • What are we looking for when we conduct an Integration Review?
    • Review the list below:
      • Basic review of functionality
      • Obvious security issues
      • What integration method was used?
      • What features are supported?
      • Are you passing AVS for keyed or token sales? (see Business Best Practices above)
      • Is a new UUID generated for each transaction?
      • Are you using Transaction Acknowledgment?
      • Are you using Postback or Polling?
      • Is the Parent domain going to change for each merchant?
      • How are you installing new merchants?