Account API

What is Account API?

Account API allows platform partners to board new merchant accounts into the Gravity Payments system. It offers a REST interface for creating accounts and webhook notifications for receiving updates on account statuses as they move through the boarding process.

Is it right for you?

Account API is perfect for you if you collect business information from merchants via your app or website and want to provide users with a seamless signup experience with Gravity Payments.

Using the API, you can submit the merchant’s business information to our endpoint to initialize the account creation process. At the end of the process, you will have a live merchant services account ready for transactions to be processed.

Additional features of the API include the ability to order products, such as terminals and gateways, and the ability to specify different pricing configurations for account and processing fees.

Collecting the Data

The Account API will require that you collect some additional information from merchants than you may already collect, such as business entity type and card volumes. Hence, you’ll need to build or adapt a form in your app to gather all the required information in order to submit it to the Account API. For details on the required data, see The Account API Reference.