what is Easy Integrator?

Introduction to Easy Integrator (EI Server)

EasyIntegrator makes integrating to ChargeItPro quick and easy by relieving you of the burden of securing credit card data, integrating new hardware devices, or worrying about changing industry regulations.

Our EasyIntegrator API is available in two versions:

  1. Win32 ActiveX OCX library – cipwin32.ocx
  2. x86 .NET DLL library – cipeinet.dll

Both APIs support the same properties, methods, and functionalities. The API you choose should be based upon the requirements of your programming environment or your own personal preference.


API program code examples

These code examples are written in Visual Basic and can be used with either API.

To run a code example, the instantiation statement must be updated with the name of the API chosen, for example: Dim easyIntegrator1 As New EasyIntegrator

For use with the OCX, you must include: Dim easyIntegrator1 As New cipwin32.EasyIntegrator

For use with the DLL, you would include: Dim easyIntegrator1 As New cipeinet.EasyIntegrator

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Next Steps

Step 1: EasyIntegrator setup

Step 1: EasyIntegrator setup


what is Easy Integrator?

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