Step 3: Read results and print receipt

When a transaction comes back as “True”, your application should read, save and print the following fields:

Field ValueContains
TransFields.AmountTotalReturns actual amount processed if using the `AllowPartialApproval` flag
ResultsFields. AccountCardTypeie VS, MC, AX etc
ResultsFields.AmountBalancecurrent balance of Gift Card
ResultsFields.ApprovalNumberResultApproval Number
ResultsFields.BillingNameName of Card Holder
ResultsFields.MaskedAccountMasked Credit Card Number
ResultsFields.SignatureCustomer signature
ResultsFields. TransactionTyptype of transaction
ResultsFields.UniqueTransIDused to void transaction

Available results fields and transaction types

For a complete list of results fields and transaction types, please review our full list on the EasyIntegrator Index.

Signature samples

Please review our Signature samples.

EMV receipt guidelines

Please review our EMV Receipt Guidelines.