Our Cloud Services technology provides a simple RESTful interface to manage your card-present, EMV terminal transactions. With a simple POST, the terminal launches into action and when complete, echos back a full response. Because of the RESTful interface, you can launch a transaction from any platform and OS. It just takes a few lines of code to get up and running with our Cloud Services API.

Credit Sale Example:

        "BillingName":"John Smith",
        "Street":"123 Main",

    "Success": true,
    "Status": "OK",
    "StatusCode": 200,
    "Result": {
        "ComputerName": "FRONT_COUNTER",
        "ApplicationKey": "RH",
        "RemoteDeviceID": "5cf437bc3c5b4532a0d9913390a6700a",
        "RemoteTransactionId": "86cea08b3626430a89604c8742447d72",
        "DeviceName": "S300-7514",
        "Version": "",
        "ResultStatus": "true",
        "ResultMessage": "DEMO APPROVED",
        "TransactionType": "CreditSale",
        "ApprovalNumberResult": "000000",
        "BatchNumber": "",
        "BillingName": "John Smith",
        "AVSResponseCode": "",
        "AVSResponseText": "",
        "CVVResponseCode": "",
        "CVVResponseText": "",
        "AmountBalance": 0,
        "AccountCardType": "VS",
        "AccountExpiryDate": "0520",
        "MaskedAccount": "************4223",
        "UniqueTransID": "86cea08b36",
        "AccountEntryMethod": "Chipped",
        "AmountProcessed": 24.99,
        "CreatedOn": "2017-11-14T22:11:50.9330000",
        "Cashier": "Jenny",
        "FromLogFile": false,
        "TransactionID": "97a67592a86b45e08dea3958bfaf4e98",
        "AdjustmentTypeId": 0,
        "AmountAdjusted": 0,
        "AmountTipped": 0,
        "TransactionReference": "Receipt123",
        "ExternalTransactionID": "86cea08b36",
        "DeviceBatchNumber": "",
        "TerminalDateTime": "2017-11-14T22:12:18.0000000",
        "ComputerDateTime": "2017-11-14T22:11:47.5500000",
        "ComputerTimeZoneOffset": -6,
        "EmvReceipt": {
            "CreatedOn": "2017-11-14T22:11:50.9670000",
            "AuthorizationMode": "",
            "CurrencyIndicator": "",
            "AID": "A0000000031010",
            "TVR": "0080008000",
            "IAD": "",
            "TSI": "E800",
            "ARC": "",
            "CardHolderVerificationMethod": "Signature",
            "EMVOfflineData": ""
        "SerialNumber": "53027514",
        "TokenSaved": false,
        "ComputerId": "7QK-V9Q-H3F-RQZ",
        "DuplicateTransaction": false

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