emergepay Release Notes

about a year ago by Aryn Higgins
DateRelease ActionDescription
03/05/19ImprovedAdded more specific information surrounding Castle Vega3000 "Request failed with status code 409" error message due to device sleep settings.
03/13/19FixedNot seeing transaction details? We fixed the defect that was causing transaction details not to send depending upon the front-end user.
04/02/19AddedAdded Tip functionality across all emergepay integration methods
04/08/19ImprovedUpdated demos page to include tip functionality for testing
04/15/19AddedAdded UI/UX for ACH in emergepay
04/15/19ImprovedUpdated all documentation for AchSale and AchReturn functionality
04/15/19ImprovedUpdated demos page to include ACH functionality for testing
04/30/19AddedUpdated SDK to support new transaction types
04/30/19ImprovedTrouble using emergepay on a small screen? We improved emergepay to make it more responsive on small screen sizes.
05/30/19FixedError that appears while running recurring billing cycle
05/30/19InvestigatingAny stored procedures that can be performance optimized to enable Bulk Tokenized Transactions
06/04/19AddedAdded CreditAdjust and Credit Auth functionality to emergepay.
06/06/19ImprovedWorked on verifying that a POSacknowledge record that is going to be created/ insterted into the POSacknowledge table is unique using the OID and ExternalTransactionID values.
06/06/19AddedAdded a column within our database so we can track transaction type 'bulk'
06/13/19AddedModified our gateway poller logic so that it will retry all transactions that result in a timeout error by the gateway
06/20/19ImprovedAdded additional transaction information to the transaction logs in the gateway-poller for easier troubleshooting
07/09/19Added Added ACH functionality to hosted fields integration method

Updated demos page to include ACH on hosted fields